Looking to trick out your trike? Choose from a variety of cool and nifty accessories to truly make your trike, well… yours!

Custom Color
Looking for a specific color that isn’t available standard? No problem, we can color match your truck, favorite sports team, corporate logos, or that slick color you’ve always wanted. Whether you want burnt sienna or lapis lazuli, we can make that happen – like a bauws.

Alloy Wheels
Looking for that extra bling on your urbantrike? These 18 inch rims will dazzle passersby and perfectly complement that IDGAF attitude. You mad, bro? Available on Atticus only.

Night Rider
Planning on some evening triking? Outfit your Urbantrike with front and rear wheel lights to make a statement and let folks know you are coming. Motion activated and blinking lights provide awareness to those around you of your lowboy coming at them.

Smartphone Mount
Grab one of these smartphone holders and convert your phone into a trike onboard computer! Use your phone to provide directions, take video and blast tunes as you careen down the bike path. One-size fits all standard size smartphones (2.9″ x 5.5″ x .625″). Comes with an all-weather bag to keep it dry and protected. More Info »

Tired of stuff falling out of your pockets while you are pedaling down the road on your badboy Urbantrike? These bags attach to your handlebar and make storing your wallet, keys, money, and phone easy. Hand-stitched from recycled bike inner tubes, these bags keep your valuables dry and safely stored away from bouncing knees as you More Info »

Urbantrike Cupholder
Triking is thirsty work, and you don’t want to be caught out in the middle of a trike rally and nothing to drink, right? Get a custom Urbantrike-printed, handmade, quick draw, black leather cup holster for your Slurpee. Drink and ride in style.

Urbantrike Tee
Ready to become an Urbantrike superfan? Sport a 100% cotton, machine washable piece of tricycle history. In small, medium, large and extra large. Big folks, need not worry – we offer Adairicus sizes (XXL and XXXL).