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Decided you are interested in our adult big wheels and want to get in on the fun? Select from one of our models below. Or if you don’t see exactly what you like, shoot us a note to tell us exactly you want and we will urbanize your own trike for you!

Atticus was inspired by the Hot-Rod style of race car.This gladiator straight turns heads. With it’s fat front tire, chromed out alloy rears, and dropped frame, Atticus seems to float over the ground. Perfect for roller blading paths, tailgaiting parties before the big game, and making folks take pause at the car show. Take Atticus across those long flat paths for a late lunch and park it outside of the cafe to turn heads. Or better yet, valet this sonovagun and really blow some minds. More Info »

Proper fun, Bailey combines enjoyment and comfort into one. Sexy looking and easy to maneuver, Bailey is designed as the go everywhere trike. With knobby front and back tires, this homeboy travels over gravel and grass as easily as it does on the sidewalk. Take it for a relaxing cruise down the boardwalk to catch some sun or traverse the KOA campground without missing a beat. More Info »

Adairicus is the beast of the family. We guarantee no one has seen anything like this before. This trike was modeled after a custom design for Truck Show Promoter, Stephen Adair. Stephen has a trike built to pay homage to his 80’s dually truck. With all the appointments of the of it’s More Info »