Do you ship outside the US?
Yes. But shipping one or two units is super expensive. If you want one bad enough, we’ll work it out with ya.

Do urbantrikes come assembled?
There is some light assembly required – putting on the wheels, the fork, seat, stuff like that. You bought an Urbantrike so you are obviously damn smart, you can handle this! If you find yourself needing to explain it to someone, we have videos online showing how it’s done.

How long does it take before you ship?
It can take over four weeks. Just enough time to plan your cross country trike-trek and give notice at the office.

What is the weight capacity of an urbantrike?
We’re rated to 500lbs or more, depending on the model. Yeah, have another bear claw, Big Boy.

What is the maintenance like?
Pretty basic. Besides occasionally tightening the brake and handlebar, keep the bearings and hubs oiled and clean of dust and you’ll be golden.

What if something breaks?
Seriously, dude? You’re breaking our trikes now? Fine, as long as it has been less than six months we’ll replace whatever broke.

But what if it’s been longer than six months?
Jeez! Okay, fine. We will send you a replacement part, but you gotta pay for it.

Why are you so awesome?
Actually, a team of graduate students wrote a 600 page thesis on this. We’re only on page 12, but will let you know when we’re done.